case study of ANZ bank

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I need the solution of case study according to these requirements and slides. Please have a look on slides which I sent you and I don’t need plagiarism.

Assessment Task 3 – Strategy, Organizational Development and Change

Assessment Structure:     (1) Introduction

                                                       (2)  Answer of 1st question

                                                       (3)  Answer of 2nd question

                                                       (4) Answer of 3rd question

                                                       (5) Three recommendations for the organization’s future strategic direction.


The Case Study (which i uploaded, ANZ case study) focuses on many of the topics/concepts covered in the course but will focus on the following core themes:

  • Process and Practices of Organisational Development ( include Lewins’s theory Slide 1)
  • Strategic Change Interventions (Transformational, Continuous and Transorganisational)

Transformational:-Talk about rules, issues about changing managers/ leaders and we have need to talk about how we change a old/ traditional organisation to lean organization with less employees. Leadership and culture change, management change in structure, create self management. (Slide 5)

Continuous and Transorganizational:-  When you change something sustain (Slide 6)the change, change the process. Change the culture and norms for that you need to provide training/ understand the change.

  • Role of Human Resources and Organisational Development in influencing, directing and managing a change process

What is the role of HRM for doing it?

Effect policies procedure               recruit structure

Create new                                          Re-recruitment              Induction

Reading/References:         You are required to undertake “limited” wider reading.  At least 2-3 “scholarly” references (in addition to the textbook) are required.  Internet resources such as Wikipedia and/or are not considered adequate references.  In addition, you may choose to refer to the website that relates to the case study as provided. All references must be formatted using APA Style


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