How is oral language development supported in the Australian educational context?

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To produce an oral presentation for 6 minutes.

Your presentation should incorporate:

an introduction which provides an overview of the material within the presentation
a description of:
the Australian educational context, in particular the requirements of the EYLF or Australian Curriculum in terms of supporting oral language development
the emergent perspective on language learning, including how this perspective influences curriculum implementation and teaching strategies for children in early childhood or early primary settings
an example of a specific learning experience to support oral language development. This must include both a description of the learning experience, the context within which it would be delivered (i.e. in an early learning centre or primary school) and how it relates to the curriculum elements (EYLF or AC) described in your response to the first bullet point above
the teaching methods that would support the learning experience and how these relate to the emergent perspective
a conclusion which sums up the content of the presentation.
You should strive to demonstrate the breadth and depth of your understanding of the subject. While you are required to focus on a particular learning experience and activity with detailed explanation (depth), you should also explain how the activities could be adapted, extended and changed for different situations, age groups, and diverse needs and interests (breadth).

Consider the needs of your audience as you plan and deliver your presentation. Remember that you will be addressing a professional audience, so your presentation should be pitched at that level.

You must incorporate information from relevant literature into your presentation. This should include both specific references from the EYLF or Australian Curriculum and supporting academic literature. You must also prepare a reference list, formatted using the APA (6th ed.) referencing system.

You may like to also submit photographs of any props or other resources used. These can be included in the same document as your reference list.

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