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Appendix A



The Australian College of Information Technology


Company/ Department: Pacific IT Solutions
Date Service Requested: Date of Response:       /          / Date Service Completed:         /         /
Service Required:  
Priority: Routine: High: Urgent:
Current System Status: Fully Functional: Intermittent: Not Functional:
  System Specifications:
Action Taken:  
Parts Replaced, Installed or Upgraded:  
Client Advice:  
Client Signoff:  


Appendix B

Parts Requisition Form


Technician: Company:
Date of Order:          /               /  
Phone: Fax:



Part No.

Description of Components

No of Units.







Top of Form

You are employed by Pacific IT Solutions in a Desktop Support role. Your job description is to support clients of Pacific IT Solutions in accordance with the requirements of Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) which Pacific IT Solutions has negotiated with the clients and under which Pacific IT Solutions is contractually bound to the clients.

One of the clients that you support is Western Mining. Western Mining has mining and exploration operations in a number of remote locations throughout Australia. Its head office in the CBD is connected by VPN to all of its remote sites.All the computers are networked and each site has a single network access point. Your job is to maintain the workstations in the head office and remote sites. One of your primary responsibilities is to reduce the risk and frequency of faults occurring.


Business Organisation

Western Mining headquarters staff are located in the Sydney office. The organisation is split into 4 divisions. Each division is headed up by a Manager.  There is an overall General Manager responsible for providing the strategic direction of the organisation. There is a fortnightly Management Team Meeting between the General Manager and all divisional managers at which strategic and management issues are discussed and decisions made.

The 4 divisions are:

  • Mining operations (800 staff) – This division is responsible for operating the mines
  • Finance and Administration (150 staff) – This division manage both the finances of the organisation, processing of customer and supplier payments and the general office administration of the organisation
  • Exploration  (70 staff) – This division explores and evaluates prospective new mine sites
  • IT (10 staff) – The IT division are responsible for the administration and management of all Western Mining IT systems to support the operations of the other divisions. The IT staff are: The CIO, the network architect, the systems analysis, the network administrator, the systems administrator, and 5 support personnel.

Western Mining uses the Dell™ Vostro™ 220s for its desktop PC’s. Some of the executives also use laptops.

You are provided with the following reference material:

1.Guide to Health and Safety in the Office

2.Dell™ Vostro™ 220s reference and setup guide



Question 1

Question text

What potential threats could arise as a result of having all the workstations permanently connected to the internet?

Question 2

Question text

Using your knowledge of PC maintenance and troubleshooting, what tools or utilities would you use to protect the clients PC’s and reduce the risk and frequency of hardware or software faults occurring as a result of having Internet access provided to all the workstations?List any automated processes you would implement and the frequency of each process.

Question 3

Question text

What other tools or utilities would you use to protect the clients PC’s and reduce the risk and frequency of other general hardware or software faults occurring?List any automated processes you would implement and the frequency of each process. Give examples of software that can be purchased to achieve these types of tasks.

Question 4

Question text

Western Mining’s remote sites draw their electrical power from the onsite generators. The generators provide reliable power 99% of the time. Power outages do sometimes occur especially during thunderstorms. Is this something you should be concerned about? Why or why not? Give a detailed explanation as to why you should be concerned or not for the Western Mining’s Site.

Question 5

Question text

Is there any equipment or devices that you would install to address any electrical power concerns? Provide details and specifications. Use the internet and research equipment and provide specifications that would be able to handle Western Mining’s Operations.

Question 6

Question text

You discover a workstation with a faulty power supply unit (PSU). You believe that the fault is caused by a faulty component in the power supply. You learn that Western Mining happens to keep a supply of these components on site.If you decided to repair the PSU would the repair be classified as electrical work? What regulation deals with this topic? What and the regulatory requirements for someone carrying out this type of work? Ref: managing-electrical-risks Part 4. Managing the risks of electrical work.What should you do to rectify the fault? (Be sure to read the SLA).

Question 7

Question text

Western Mining has requested you to install a computer in their head office reception area so that they can display a multimedia presentation on an LCD screen to visitors.  The company wants the system unit concealed from the public view by enclosing it in a cabinet in the reception area. Do you envision any OHS or operational risks associated with this?Please explain?Reference: Dell Vostro User Guide

Question 8

Question text

If you were to conceal the system unitby enclosing it in the reception furniture, what is the main requirementyou would you need to take into account?Describe exactly how you would install it. Provide Clearance measurements and other factors that might make the new area OHS compliant also. Reference: Dell Vostro User Guide

Question 9

Question text

While onsite you observe an executive using a laptop. He is leaning well forward and appears to having difficultly using the keyboard and reading the screen. Are there any OHS issues here? If there are what would you recommend to rectify them? Provide a list of any additional equipment that would be needed.

Question 10

Question text

Western Mining intends to install graphics applications on some of the workstations. The programs they are installing are Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign all from the CS6Suite. Is the current hardware configuration suitable for these applications? Why or why not? What changes are needed? (See Dell Vostro User Guide Western Mining uses the simple first configuration)

Question 11

Question text

In the last 7 days Western Mining has replaced some old workstations with new Dell™ Vostro™ 3560 laptops. Are these currently covered under the SLA? Why or why not?

Question 12

Question text

You want to arrange the files on the hard drive so that they can be read faster by the system. What tool or utility could use to achieve this?

Question 13

Question text

Using the computer system you are currently working on. Record the following information about your system in the space below Total fragmentation of C: drive___________________________________________ File fragmentation of C: drive ____________________________________________

Question 14

Question text

You want to check if there is any malware on your computer. Using the system you are currently working on, use an appropriate tool or utility to check your system and fix any problems. Record the following information about your system in the space below

What tool or utility did you use?

What Malware was found?

Question 15

Question text

You suspect that the computer you are working on has data corruption on the hard disk. Using the system you are currently working on, use an appropriate tool or utility to verify check this and fix any problems Record the following information about your system in the space below What tool or utility did you use________________________________________________ Errorsfound_______________________________________________________________

Question 16

Question text

Every month you use Seagate ‘Sea Tools for Windows’to check and, if required, repair the hard drives of all Western Mining’s workstations. On one workstation the test has given the following output.

Short Generic – FAIL

This is the first time you have seen this result since the workstation was installed 12 months ago. What does this tell you about the workstation?

Question 17

Question text

a.Write a step by step plan that will solve problem identified in the question above with minimum disruption to the people who use that workstation. b.Complete the Service Sheet in Appendix ‘A’ and the parts requisition form in Appendix ‘B’

Question 18

Question text

A user at a remote site has reported a fault with an application on their desktop. You have not been able to resolve the problem over the phone and want to have a look at it for yourself. What Microsoft tool or utility could assist you?

Question 19

Question text

You are replacing a faulty RAMstick. In what type of packaging should the new RAM stick be stored or transported? What handling precautions should you follow? Why? What are the potential hazards? List any equipment or tools you would use to accomplish the task.

Question 20

Question text

Western Mining decides to buy out another small mining company in the Northern Territory. You receive support requests from this new site. Refer to the SLA provided and describe your obligations (if any) to support this site? Explain the rational for your answer.

Question 21

Question text

Create an organisational chart of key Western Mining personnel. (The chart must be submitted as a pdf.)

Question 22

Question text

What services does the Western Mining IT department provide?

Bottom of Form


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