The training, skills competence, and performance appraisal systems that are in place need to fit the specificity of these technical jobs.

The trend in the 21st century is to develop and staff jobs that are specialized and highly technical. The training, skills competence, and performance appraisal systems that are in place need to fit the specificity of these technical jobs.

In a 3 page paper, address the following:

  1. Discuss how continuous feedback provided by effective performance-


  1. management programs encourages and assists employees.
  2. Describe how feedback helps to enhance the performance appraisal process that leads to improvement, promotions, or terminations.
  3. Evaluate how human resources development programs that address the unique needs of some employees can be implemented to increase goodwill, attract, and retain quality employees.

APA with Running Heading

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PAM006 Strategic Financial Project

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PAM006 Strategic Financial Project
RaisinAble Case Study
“Nuts to You since 1898”
The project
RaisinAble Limited is a mid-sized private company based in the UK. Their core business is sourcing,
processing, packaging, marketing and selling dried fruit, edible nuts and seeds (FNS) to the UK retail
RaisinAble is unsure of where it is heading strategically in the near future and has contracted
you as a consultant to provide guidance through a five year business plan report. The company’s
management team welcomes your identification of and insight into potential (and viable!) strategic
options. The management team is open to considering a range of strategies that may strengthen
their core activities, and/or diversify their product range, and/or enter international markets, or
and/or perhaps consolidate the company’s activities.
In order to complete this project you will need to analyse the competitive environment, market
trends, examine the company’s financial position, explore alternative, assess risk and then build your
business plan, and present your plan in a report.
IMPORTANT NOTE: RaisinAble is a fictitious company created for the purpose of this assignment
However, you should locate your primary and/or secondary research in the real world for the
relevant industries/markets.
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The market
In recent years there has been consistent growth in the market for healthy snacking – fruits, nuts,
seeds and mixed packs.
While the majority of FNS sales are supermarket own brand packs, there is increasing demand in the
health sector for branded premium products and the RaisinAble brand is a market leader.
The sector has also seen strong growth in demand for home baking products, driven partly by the
phenomenal success of the BBC TV programme The Great British Bake Off, a programme which has
reached viewers around the world. UK viewers have increasingly taken to baking at home. There are
signs that this growth has now reached its peak and that future demand is more stable and
RaisinAble specialises in two retail market sectors: Healthy Snacking and Home Baking. It also
provides bulk FNS ingredients to the food producing and catering markets, albeit at lower margins.
The raw materials
Vine fruits.
Vine fruits consist primarily of sultanas, currants and raisins. Prices can vary from year to year
depending on factors such as weather, currency movements and the price of oil, but generally there
has been a downward trend in commodity prices as demand has continued to rise because of good
harvests in the main producer countries: the USA (Raisins), Greece (Currants) and Turkey (Sultanas).
Raisins and sultanas are largely interchangeable in the final product, which helps the company’s
buyers to manage input costs.
Tree fruit
Prunes and cranberries from the USA, apricots and figs from Turkey, and dates from Iran are the
main tree fruit products. Prices can be very volatile within a single year, with harvests affected by
frosts (apricots), drought (dates, figs) and currency fluctuation.
The RaisinAble supply mix consists of 50% almonds, from the USA and Spain, 20% walnuts from
China, and the balance made up fairly equally of brazil nuts, cashews, pecans and hazelnuts. There is
a lag in bringing additional land into use. As a consequence the rising demand in recent years,
fuelled by increasing interest in healthy diet and burgeoning demand from China, has seen strong
inflationary pressures on nut supply prices. The company has so far been able to mitigate the impact
of price rises by varying the mix of nuts, but it cannot continue to do this without risking its
reputation for quality.
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The company
RaisinAble – moto: Nuts to You since 1898 – is a long established private limited company. It
started life in East London, where the founder created a company to import dates and sultanas from
Persia and Turkey. These products were repacked into smaller sacks and bags and sold to
wholesalers and retailers through London’s Covent Garden market.
Since those early days the business has become the UK market leader. Its production/processing,
packaging and distribution facilities are centred in Bedfordshire. While the company is best known
for the RaisinAble brand dried fruit, 80% of its retail sales revenues currently come from sales to
major supermarket chains who sell them under their own brand labels.
The company also sells its own branded products through the same supermarket chains and through
health food outlets, and is keen to grow this part of the business to take advantage of higher
RaisinAble has a separate business to business (B2B) revenue stream, a legacy of its original business
as a trader. This consists of bagging the raw materials with little or no processing and selling on in
bulk to food processing and catering businesses.
Product range
The company produces five main product lines from its Bedfordshire processing site, close to the
motorway network and with fast rail access to the UK’s main population centres.
The main product categories are:
 Supermarket own-label snack mixes
 Branded healthy snack range of mixed fruit and nut packets sold under the RaisinAble and
OrganiNut brands to specialist health food stores as well as through supermarkets.
 Supermarket own-label baking products in home catering packs.
 Branded RaisinAble baking packs and Cook Kits – pre-measured mixed ingredient packs with
celebrity chef recipes for “guaranteed great results”.
 Ingredients – large catering packs sold to food manufacturers, hotels and restaurants.
Sales volumes ‘000 Kg
Healthy snacks – company branded
Healthy snacks – supermarket own label
Baking products – company branded
Baking products – supermarket own label
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The company’s supermarket sales are on three year renewable “call off1
“ contracts, won by
competitive tender, based on quality, reliability of supply and price. The current contracts include a
discount on RaisinAble standard pricing, but there is scope to vary this. The supermarkets operate a
dual supply sourcing model, so will switch between suppliers to get the best short term deals. As a
result, margins are low, but supermarkets provide a reliable cash flow without the additional
promotion and merchandising costs required to market the branded lines.
The company can earn better margins on its own branded products and would like to grow these
and become less reliant on the renewal of the large supermarket contracts. It sees growth
opportunities in both the baking and snacks sectors, where the market is growing strongly.
Gross Margin by product line
Healthy snacks – company branded
Healthy snacks – supermarket own label
Baking products – company branded
Baking products – supermarket own label
The company prides itself on its environmentally friendly reputation. All supplies are sourced from
Fair Trade and/or organic suppliers and the packaging is at least 80% biodegradable.
Fruit is blanched, seeds are heat treated, and the healthy snacks and baking products are mixed,
bagged and packaged at the production unit. The company’s site in Bedfordshire contains both the
factory and the company sales and administration offices. The company owns the site.
RaisinAble has processing plant and equipment capacity sufficient to produce a notional 62,000 Kg
of supermarket own label baking products annually. Actual production depends on the product mix.
The table below shows the relative potential production capacities of the various product ranges.
Healthy snacks – company branded
Healthy snacks – supermarket own label
Baking products – company branded
Baking products – supermarket own label
‘000 Kg
By diverting production capacity from lower margin supermarket own brand to its own company
branded products, the company can improve gross margins, but has to balance this against the
reduction in total production volumes and market demands.

Open arrangement under which a buyer can (at his or her discretion) ask a seller to supply contracted goods or services under prices,
terms, and conditions specified in the contract. Used usually for the purchase of spare parts.
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Actual capacity rarely reaches the notional maximum and depends on workforce productivity. The
company believes that more operator training and higher hourly pay rates could improve
productivity, but with low margins are reluctant to increase the cost base.
As demand has grown in recent years, the company has tried to maximise the utilisation of its
equipment and reached a high of 95% of capacity in 2014. This was unsustainable. In the past two
years the company has added a further 2,000 Kgs of new capacity and is now operating at 91%
Production equipment has a five year life, and is depreciated at 20% annually, applied to net book
value. The company policy is to replace one fifth of their equipment each year.
Inventory management
RaisinAble sources its supplies of fruit from growers across the globe, including notably the USA
(California), Turkey, Greece, Iran and France – see Raw Materials section above.
Nuts also come from a variety of sources, including California and Spain (almonds), hazelnuts
(Turkey), and walnuts (India and China).
Pumpkin seeds from China and sunflower seeds from the USA and France are the main seed
products purchased by RaisinAble, along with smaller quantities of sesame and poppy seeds.
Because of the seasonal nature of supply of many commodities together with the unpredictable
effect of weather factors on supply levels, coupled with the long storage life of many of the
products, it is RaisinAble’s policy to maintain an average 3 months supply of products in its UK
In 2016, a combination of severe drought in California, along with the post-Brexit referendum rise in
the value of the US $ dollar/£ sterling exchange rate, caused a steep rise in USA prices to the UK
market. RaisinAble is feeling the effects of this in 2017 with a significant overall increase in the costs
of sales.
By contrast, RaisinAble’s main source of sultanas and dried apricots from Turkey has seen a decline
in its currency in recent months, thus reducing the import prices. RaisinAble has taken advantage of
this to re-stock, and to switch some of its supply of raisins from California to Turkey and Chile to
mitigate the US $ dollar effect as far as is possible.
International prices for pumpkin seeds, both conventional and organic, are very low due to
overproduction and good harvests. However sunflower seeds import prices are increasing, due to
continuing growth in demand for sunflower oil.
Treasury management
RaisinAble has outstanding long term debt of £20 million at attractive borrowing costs. The
company has a good relationship with its bank and so long as the business remains profitable is
under no pressure to reduce the debt.
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Should the business wish to raise further funds for expansion then it may be able to raise long term
loans at current interest rates, and also has the option to raise more equity capital. In both cases,
the executives will first need to prepare a convincing business plan to justify the new investment.
The business has cash to meet its short term working capital needs, and a Current Ratio (current
assets/current liabilities) in excess of 4 as at the last balance sheet date.
The Planning Spreadsheet
You have been provided with a business planning spreadsheet for RaisinAble which can be found on
the VLE.
Note that the planning spreadsheet is intended to help you to build a 5 year financial plan for your
business and to explore alternatives. Unlike Icarus, it is not a simulation but you will use your
experience of Icarus to help you approach this project. You have access to all the calculations on the
spreadsheet. You are able to amend any of the calculations, assumptions, forecasts and reports in
the spreadsheet to best meet your own business planning needs, in light of the real-world research
you carry out to inform your strategies.
Dashboard Tab
The dashboard provides a summary of the business plan key figures.
Decisions Tab
On the Decisions worksheet, you can choose future prices for each of the product lines. These are
the prices per Kg that you charge to the retailer. Your prices will be used on the Curves worksheet to
forecast the impact on demand for your products.
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You can also input decisions on the annual allocation of production resources. Currently the
company uses 70% of its capacity to process supermarket own label products. It is important in
allocating processing resources to balance supply and demand. Check the Production worksheet
regularly to ensure you are not running out of stock or creating unsold inventory. In 2016, the
business used 91% of its available processing resources.
The Decisions worksheet also enables you to vary your investment in marketing and promotional
activities. The planning spreadsheet forecasts the impact of your marketing on demand (see Curves
worksheet). Use the Decisions worksheet to input the % of previous year revenues that you want to
invest in merchandising, promotions, sponsorship and other marketing activities. Note that this
marketing spend is focused on the RaisinAble brands. You do not actively market or promote the
own label products but you can offer special discounts to the supermarkets.
You can also use the Decisions worksheet to increase the production capacity, and to change the
staff pay and training levels. Again, the Curves worksheet will then estimate the effect of these
decisions on factory productivity.
Finally, make any decisions on raising new capital and managing cash flow here.
Curves Tab
The Curves sheet contains the models of the demand curves for the products as well as the effects
of marketing spend and production decisions.
The shapes and range of the curves are based on past trends and independent market research.
However, the past can only be a rough guide to the future, and so you are able to amend these
curves to reflect your own research into the market and the anticipated impact of your business
The example below shows the curve for the price sensitivity of the supermarkets. You can change
the shape of the curve by amending the three parameters in the white box, which set the gradient
and range for the curves. Try different values and observe the effects.
Note also that these curves will be less reliable for major changes in decisions. For example, if you
were to double your prices to supermarkets you will probably sell nothing at all, whereas the
mathematical curve may still show some residual sales. So, always apply your own judgement and
common sense when interpreting the results.
Reports Tabs
The spreadsheet model contains a number of reports for the past three years and projected for the
five years of the business plan. Including:
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 Financial statements – P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement
 Sales analysis by product line
 Demand by product showing the impact of pricing and marketing decisions on demand
 Production statistics and inventory levels by product line
 Economy and Market Trends
Parameters Tab
The Parameters worksheet contains the base data on which your business plans are built, including
the production capacity of the factory plant, base costs, and past and forecast market trends. You
will probably not wish to change these parameters, but you can do so for future years, so long as you
can justify your changes in your business plan.
Calcs Tab
The Calcs worksheet contains the main spreadsheet calculations, applying the information in the
parameters and decisions sheets to create the business planning outcomes that are then reported
on the Reports worksheets.
Use the Calcs worksheet to drill down into the numbers and get a better understanding of how they
are derived. The years 2013 to 2016 are of course past history and should not be changed, but you
can amend and add to the calculations of the future numbers if you believe that is necessary to
reflect your business strategy in full.
See VLE for full final project brief on Friday 12
th May 2017.

Business Ethics – Week 6 Assignment

Business Ethics – Week 6 Assignment

Corporate Responsibility

Research the case Pelman v. McDonald’s in which it was alleged that McDonald’s was partially responsible for the health problems associated with the obesity of children who eat MacDonald’s fast food.

Write a 2-3 page, APA style paper addressing the above issues while answering the following:


Should MacDonald’s and other fast-food restaurants be judged negligent for selling dangerous products, failing to warn consumers of the dangers of a high-fat diet, and deceptive advertising?

Some websites to look at regarding the McDonald’s obesity case:

  • U.S. judge dismisses obesity suit vs. McDonald’s:
  • U.S. District Court Southern District of New York Opinion:
  • Food Fight: Obesity Raises Difficult Marketing Questions:

Provide 3-5 APA style references both inline and at the end of the paper to support your analysis. Please write in 3rdperson.

Note: This is your opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of the week’s theory linked to personal opinion and outside evidence.

Question A number of companies have gone into liquidation because they have not been able to meet their liabilities when they fell due

Accounting Financial ACC701 Individual Assignment Due 18/1/2019 week 9 submit online on turnitin. Question A number of companies have gone into liquidation because they have not been able to meet their liabilities when they fell due. In Australia, there are some well-publicised examples such as Aluminium Boats Australia, HIH Insurance and Stellar Homes Required Discuss all three companies above and find (via electronic journals) the events that led up to the liquidation. Visit the CPA website; discuss APES 110 Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants. Highlight 5 codes of ethics. Highlight some of the corporate governance issues that contributed to each company’s collapse. Discuss the type of liquidation that was called for each.



Were liabilities a major contributing factor that led to their downfall? Research Requirements Students need to support their analysis with reference to relevant material from the text and a minimum of eight (8) suitable, reliable, current and academically acceptable sources – this should include at least 2 peer-reviewed academic journal articles. Presentation 2000 + 10%-word short report format. Title page, executive summary, table of contents, appropriate headings and sub-headings, recommendations/findings/conclusions, in-text referencing and reference list (Harvard – Anglia style), attachments if relevant. Single spaced, font Times New Roman 12pt, Calibri 11pt or Arial 10pt. Marking Guide Analysis 30% Research extent and application 30% Recommendations/conclusions 20% Presentation 20% Total mark will be scaled to a mark out of 30 subject marks.

Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses Techniques for Providing Fresh Water to Arid Regions

Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses Techniques for Providing Fresh Water to Arid Regions.For a pipeline, a network of pipelines will have to be constructed so as to connect various users to the water source. Acquisition of the pipes and the pumps costs a lot of money and the capital costs may force a country to borrow the required resources (World Bank, 1994). Besides, maintenance of the pipelines and checking of water quality should be done constantly, and this again adds to the overall costs which may be extreme in the event the pipeline length is long (Grossman, 2004).Construction of small dams can easily be done with locally available materials and human labour, making it cheaper. According to a study carried out in Kenya, a single sand dam with a capacity of holding 2,000m3 with a life span of 50 years only costs US$ 7,500 (Borst and Haas, 2006). For the large dams, the construction can easily run into billions of dollars considering the scale of the project, materials requires and the machinery and equipment employed not forgetting the technical personnel on the ground. IFPRI (1997) observes that the maintenance of dams mainly includes dredging the dams to maintain its depth by scooping the silt deposited on the floor of the dam. This is a capital intensive exercise and it may run into a lot of money. Overall, costs of large dams are so high and can only be funded by large investments in the project probably the government with the help of financial partners.Compared to other methods of provision of water to dry areas, ground water provides the cheaper alternative.

Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Successful Advertising Campaign.The adage gained consumer’s liking as something motivational,

Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Successful Advertising Campaign.The adage gained consumer’s liking as something motivational, positive, individualistic, and neutral on the issue of either winning or losing. It is just about doing and people simply love that as a strategic bandwagon technique in marketing.Nike had also topped in television and print broadcast thus gaining massive ground from the market consumers specially those coming from the youth or young adults who are consistent in demonstrating their zeal in life. Reports mentioned that Nike got the sale of $800 million in 1988 and consistently grew a decade later into $ 9.2 billion. “Just Do It!” drives the people to run, exercise, wind up, and enjoy everything that relates to life. It evokes certain zeal that deconstructed the notion of hindrances, barriers, and possible losses there is in life. The product’s adage, which wrapped its corporate brand, stirred such emotional meaning to consumers and the market.Aside from dominating its presence in all multimedia advertisement centers of the country, Nike’s consumers became also its marketing advertisers by indirectly introducing the products to those who have not yet purchased it. They recreated the product and thus facilitated in making the product as a youths’ fashion fad and fashion statement. The company likewise was able to establish the best branding strategy. Carefully planned and genuinely sensitive to the increasing individualism of consumers, the company won the hearts and minds of the market, including the essential fact that they were successfully able to make their own product subscribers as ambassador of a superior product. They completed the leverage by dominating in the market competition.Rigorous advertising and the ability to be consistently visible in the market made the product legendary for purchasers. The brand and its adage became the replica of their lives and an advice for those

Compose a 1250 words essay on Discussion of the tax gap and what IRS is doing to close it

Compose a 1250 words essay on Discussion of the tax gap and what IRS is doing to close it. Needs to be plagiarism free!The latest figures of tax gap estimate signify the initial complete renewal of the report during five years, and it demonstrates the country’s observance level is basically unaffected from the previous evaluation including tax year 2001. The tax gap marker is a useful guide to the level of tax observance as well as to the continuing sources of lesser observance. however, it is not a satisfactory guide to “year-to-year alterations within IRS plans or to year-to-year returns on IRS service and enforcement schemes” (Ward et al, 2013). The voluntary observance level (percentage of overall tax revenues paid promptly) for the tax year 2006 was around 83.2 percent. The voluntary observance level for 2006 was statistically unaffected from the most recent earlier estimate of 83.7 percent tax year 2001.On a comparative basis, the tax gap is mainly in proportion to the increase in overall tax liabilities. Besides, a little increase in the tax gap estimate is accredited to improved statistics as well as better evaluation techniques. For instance, IRS formulated the “econometric model” (Kahn & Polsky, 2013) for estimating the tax gap attributable to small businesses which was then used for newer functional information. In addition, large business tax gap for the year 2006 was based on enhanced statistical techniques and modernized information. Moreover, the data linked with individual income tax payers carries on to progress supported by better evaluation methods as well as newer statistics.The tax gap includes three main factors: “non-filing, underreporting and underpayment” (Kahn & Polsky, 2013). As in the year 2001, the underreporting of earnings was the major cause of the tax gap during 2006. Under-reporting in more or less all taxpayer categories summed up to around 380 billion USD of the gross tax gap during 2006, increased from 290 billion USD during 2001. Tax non-filing summed up for around 30 billion USD during 2006, increased from 29

Chapter 3 discusses methods to assess the quality of simulations. You learned about three different views of simulation quality

Chapter 3 discusses methods to assess the quality of simulations. You learned about three different views of simulation quality (The Standard View, The Constructivist View and The User Community View)

Suppose you lead a task force that is developing a simulation to provide strategic planning recommendations for property use zoning for a county of 750,000 residents. The zoning board and county commissioners want a simulation that allows them to assess the impact of various zoning decisions based on a variety of dynamic factors, including age, race, education, and income status. Which of the three views discussed would provide the best quality assessment for this type of simulation? How would you ensure the highest level of accuracy with your simulation, and how would you go about determining accuracy?

You must do the following:

As indicated above, identify which of the three views discussed in the chapter that would provide the best quality assessment for the situation described above, and explain your decision. How would you ensure the highest level of accuracy with your simulation, and how would you go about determining accuracy?

Prof Note: Write about 350 – 400 words


Create a new wiki assignment for a peer-reviewed research paper that pertains to the week’s assigned reading.  This will be a detailed summary of the research paper and what you gained from the research.

Topic: Quality of Simulation

Prof Note: Write about 350 – 400 words. Add simulation images, results.

 Valuation: Southwest Ventures is considering an investment in an Austin, Texas-based start-up firm called Creed and Company.

Valuation: Southwest Ventures is considering an investment in an Austin, Texas-based start-up firm called Creed and Company. Creed and Company is involved in organic gardening and has developed a complete line of organic products for sale to the public that ranges from composted soils to organic pesticides. The company has been around 20 years and has developed a very good reputation in the Austin business community, as well as with the many organic gardeners who live in the area.Last year, Creed generated earnings before interest, taxes, and depreciation (EBITDA)of $4 million. The company needs to raise $5.8 million to finance the acquisition of a similar company called Organic and More that operates in both the Houston and Dallas markets. The acquisition would make it possible for Creed to market its private-label products to a much broader customer base in the major metropolitan areas of Texas. Moreover,Organic and More earned EBITDA of $1 million in 2009.The owners of Creed view the acquisition and its funding as critical element of their business strategy, but they are concerned about how much of the company they will have to give up to a venture capitalist in order to raise the needed funds. Creed hired an experienced financial consultant, in whom they have a great deal of trust, to evaluate the prospects of raising the needed funds. The consultant estimated that the company would be valued at a multiple five times EBITDA in five years and that Creed would grow the combined EBITDAs as of the two companies at a rate of 20% percent per year over the next five years if the acquisition of Organic and More is completed.Neither Creed nor its acquisition target, Organic and More, uses debt financing at present. However, The VC has offered to provide the acquisition financing in the form of convertible debt that pays interest at a rate of 8 percent per year and is due and payable in five years.a.What enterprise value do you estimate for Creed (including the planned acquisition)in five years?b. If the VC offers to finance the needed funds using convrtible debt that pays 8 percent per year and converts to a share of the company sufficient to provide a 25 percent rate of return on his investment over the five years, how much of the firm’s equity will he demand?c. What fraction of the ownership in Creed would the venyure capitalist require if Creed is able to grow its EBITDA by 30 percent par year (all else remaining the same) and the venture capitalist still requires a 25 percent rate of return over the next five years?