Technology, Society and Values

Technology, Society and Values
In this paper, do all of the following instructions in the order listed, Be sure to read the prompt carefully and address only the prompt that you are given. You have a lot to do in few words so be sure you are not discussing issues that you do not have to. In writing a philosophy paper, being clear and concise is very important and is often the greatest challenge. To help with this task, be sure that you carefully read every single sentence in your paper and make sure that (1) it makes sense and says exactly what you intend it to convey and (2) that it is absolutely vital to the overall paper. This means that you should try and eliminate all unnecessary sentences as well as any wording that might be confusing or misleading to the reader.
To further help with a paper’s clarity and structure, organization is one of the most important parts of philosophical writing. You want to be sure that it is always clear to your reader what is going on at each step (i.e. paragraph) and that the overall organization is made transparent. To help with this task, it is required that you include an introductory paragraph that briefly (in about 5 sentences) tells what the paper is going to be about (your thesis), as well as the order in which you are going to proceed (your roadmap). Make sure that your roadmap is informative. Your thesis sentence must begin with the following words: “In this paper, I will argue that…”Paper Topic
We have now discussed many important and thought provoking technologies, which have many interesting moral problems that need resolution. You must choose one of these technologies and make a moral judgment concerning a particular instance of that technology or one aspect or use of that technology. Your paper will be a defense of that judgment. Your judgment cannot be something that is clearly true; that is, it must be the kind of claim that reasonable people could disagree with. Paper content must be presented in the following order.
1) Write an introduction paragraph, which must have one sentence that defines your general topic, must contain your thesis statement, and must contain an informative road map. For example, an informative roadmap not only tells the reader that you will consider a potential objection to your argument but what the nature of the objection will be.
2) Briefly explain the particular technology or the particular aspect of the technology that you have chosen.
3) Present a plausible deductive moral argument (one that references principles and facts) for your moral judgement concerning technology of choice. This argument must be sound * and be valid. Your argument will need to back up claims up by citing credible sources. Not all sources are credible so don’t just read a website written by a possible crazy person to find support for your statements.
4) Explain and justify any premise of the argument that is not clearly true so that a fellow student not in the class would understand it or accept it.
5) Present a plausible potential objection to the argument. (Remember the only way to object to a valid argument is to question the truth of one of the premises; that is, present a reason why someone might believe that one of your premises is false).
6) Counter that objection by demonstrating that the plausible potential objection is flawed, thereby strengthening your original argument.

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