This assessment requires the completion of the Town and Country case study and participating in a role
play meeting.
Instructions to Assessor
Place the students into project teams of a minimum of five people, comprising the Risk Manager (the
student) and four stakeholders. At least two people shall be external stakeholders and two people shall
be internal stakeholders.
Stakeholder roles Internal stakeholders
• Human Resources Officer – responsible for recruiting and inducting new staff
• Marketing Manager – responsible for a media campaign for the launch of the new innovative building
External stakeholders
• Owner, Orange Building Supplies – has a contract to provide all the building materials for TCS jobs for
the first 12 months
• Owner, Orange City Real Estate – has a contract to locate appropriate premises and arrange lease
documents. Will also be a good network source.
Students may nominate different stakeholders that are more appropriate to their specific situation.
The project teams will meet twice and will be briefed by you on how they are to participate. The
stakeholders will need to draw on their knowledge of the risk management process, especially the role
and responsibilities of stakeholders and information they have found during their research for this
assessment. You can coach team members in their role if necessary to ensure they contribute to the
process. The Risk Manager (student) will use tools and techniques, such as brainstorming and fish
bone diagrams to generate a list of risks.
You must observe the meetings, either in person or by using technology (e.g. Skype, recording) and
complete the decision matrix in Appendix 1. During the meetings students must establish and use
appropriate conventions and protocols when consulting and negotiating with stakeholders about risk
Instructions to the student
For this assessment you are required to conduct a review of the Town and Country Services case study
(provided below) and then complete the tasks that follow.
Resources required for this assessment
• Research materials such as books, the Internet, etc.
• Learning materials for the unit BSBRSK501 Manage risk
• The Town and Country Services Risk Management Policy and Procedure and AS/NZ ISO
13000 Risk Management Overview will be provided by your assessor
• Access to a computer

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