Global Issues in the Liberal Arts

Global Issues in the Liberal Arts

Research Paper Proposal


Name:                                  Date: _7/7/2019_______


  1. What is the general topic you want to learn and write about? The general topic must be an objective examination of a topic related to one of the four breadth areas and it must have a global perspective or be of global significance.


In my opinion, it would be interesting to research the social breadth by way of social anxiety in the workplace. 


  1. Identify which breadth area(s) the topic is related to and explain how the topic is related to these breadth area(s), or how you can use the perspectives of these particular breadth area(s) to examine the topic of your research within its global context.


The social breadth is connected to one’s social circle and daily interactions. The number of people suffering from anxiety, and continues to work must be staggering. The levels of complexity in regard to social vs. psychological would be interesting to determine.


  1. What is the purpose of the study? Why have you chosen this particular general topic?  Do you intend to educate or illuminate a particular group about your topic? Do you intend that this group or person will change its/his/her thinking or take action because of your study?


The purpose of the study is to determine how people who suffer from social anxiety function in the workplace. I would certainly share knowledge gained during the research when the time presents itself. I strongly believe that when you learn something -you should teach it (Dr. Maya Angelou).


  1. What is your research question? You are not conducting field research (i.e., survey data, interviews, primary source data).   Research in this context means investigating a topic in depth using credible sources.
    Your research question guides what sources you select and read in depth.  This is a specific, clear, concise question you have about the topic that is grounded in facts that can be discovered in the literature.  Remember that the question should be intellectually challenging and not be one that can be answered with a simple “yes,” “no,” or “maybe.”  Review your question for its clarity and scope. Will the question point you to specific information on your topic? Will you be able to find enough information on the topic? Is it so broad that you will get hundreds or thousands of articles on the topic? Could you write approximately 8-10 pages that illuminate what scholars are writing about on this question?


  social anxiety handled in the workplace… 


  1. What is your working thesis? This is your tentative answer to your research question; your best educated guess as to what the answer will be.  If, in the end, you find something different, that is OK.  There is no right or wrong here.  This is to get you thinking about what you expect to find on your topic.  Your thesis should be concise; 1-2 sentences.


Stress has been proven to have an effect on performance. Stress in the workplace could be emotionally damaging as well as physical.



  1. What resources will you use in collecting your information? Using the professional literature is a requirement.   Professional literature will come primarily from articles in the Ottawa University library databases.  If you choose to use a popular press (e.g., magazine, blog, or newspaper), you must indicate why such a source is important for answering your research question.  In other words, if your research question is probing issues in the popular press, that would be a reason to include some of these sources.  If not, do not use them.
    Would your research be enhanced by interviewing anyone?  If so, that person must be a professional, credible source (e.g., not your friend, colleague, or family member).  You must use at least six references in writing your paper, and all six must be listed on the References page.

More than likely, I will be utilizing resources at Ottawa. The database has great peer reviewed articles and papers that will be helpful. I will also use google scholar and any other sources/books I come across that will provide factual and intriguing info. I will be sure to list six or more references.

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