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#Shams Hospital is one of the leading health care service provider in Oman. It is established in the year 1996 and has a current patient’s strength of over 500 patients. The patient belong to different parts of the country. It employs full-time and part-time personnel. It offers various medical services in the field of outpatient and Inpatient. The hospital has an online system operational round the clock.

1-Consider the scenario given Aand create any four users named as (e.g. fatma1, fatma2, User3, and fatma4) in the Shams Hospital database and assign the privilege to connect to the database. Out of the four users, one user (i.e. fatma1) is for doctor and two users (i.e. fatma2 and fatma3) are for the managers. The fourth user (i.e. fatma4) is for the admin staff. Create two roles with the following privileges:

#Data_Entry: can only insert and view the records on the table created by fatma4.

#HoD: can only edit and delete the records on the table created by fatma4. Assign the roles created above to the users as indicated below:

#Assign the role Data_Entry to the doctor (i.e. User1)

#Assign the role HoD to the managers (i.e. fatma2 and fatma3)

For the admin staff (i.e. fatma4) assign the privilege to create a new table. You may create any new table relevant to the scenario. Your solution must include the necessary SQL commands as screenshots and brief explanation for each of the steps.


The names of the four users must be fatma1, fatma2, fatma3 and fatma4.

2-0 % similarity and I need the references and citation as well.

3- All the command should be as screenshot and you should work in SQL and work in Windows Operating system.

4- all the screenshot should by describe in details .

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