3006MKT Service Design and Standard Report Background Information

3006MKT Service Design and Standard Report
Background Information
In this report, you will need to conduct a marketing audit on a service company of your choice. Marketing
audit is a systematic investigation of a company’s current marketing activities with a view to identifying
problem areas and recommending a plan of improvement. The company should offer service products
which are service dominant rather than goods dominant, for example, local mover, travel agent, gym,
hotel, hairdresser rather than a supermarket, café or restaurant. In addition, you are not allowed to choose
an airline company because we will use it for class activities to illustrate various sections of this report.
Understanding the Customer, Competitor, and Company or the analysis of 3 Cs (see chapter 3) will
provide a good direction for the marketing audit. After the analysis of the 3Cs, your team will then
examine three areas of current services marketing activities (i.e., service blueprint, physical evidence,
customer service) and provide recommendations to make an improvement on the current strategy. The
recommendations should offer a strategic fit for the company. You are only required to conduct secondary
research (using public available data) for this assignment.
Some companies are large and offer a portfolio of services; therefore students should narrow their scope in
the report and state the scope they are analysing (e.g., Telstra prepaid Mobile). The service company
should be one which you can easily get information on, for example, media, website, or which you have
previously worked in or have experiences as a consumer of the service.
1. Service company/organisation profile (see Learning@Griffith)
Due Date: No later than week 5, please submit a hardcopy to your tutor

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