Econ 4223 – Fall 2018 Econometrics Project Grading Sheet

Econ 4223 – Fall 2018 Econometrics Project Grading Sheet

Due: Dec. 6

beginning of class

Category Value (1-10) Weight Score


· Does the paper provide a well-reasoned

justification for the econometric model?

· Is this an interesting question? 3

· Is the exogeneity of the right-hand-side variables

clearly justified?

· If E(u|x) 6= 0, how biased are your results? In

which direction?


· Are data appropriate for the questions that are the

focus of the paper?

· Does the paper adequately describe source of



· Does the paper provide statistical description of

data to help the reader clearly understand its nature

& measurement?

Econometric Analysis:

· Are the results presented in such a way that they

can be evaluated critically?

· Are estimators and tests used correctly and

appropriately? Does the paper demonstrate a broad

range of skills and techniques?


· Are the results convincing?


· Does the paper have a well-defined focus?

· Does the paper cite at least 4 scholarly sources?

· Are the results and interpretation presented

clearly? Is the paper well-organized?


· Does the paper use well-designed tables to

present statistical results clearly and efficiently?

Total (150 points)

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