The history, growth, success, and failures of VISA Company

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Presentation Title: VISA Company

Topic statement: The history, growth, success, and failures of VISA Company

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A.The History of VISA Company

VISA Company is a global payments technology company started in 1958 as BankAmericard by Dee Hock. The company portfolio lies in financial services and hires over 15,000 employees.

B.Growth of the company

The company has globalized its brand and services and has a net worth of billions of dollars. The company made at least $ 10 billion in net revenue as at 2018 owing to the billions of transactions it manages (SEC Filings, 2019).

C.Successes of the company

The company has enjoyed significant success in the financial services industry and notably in 2008 it was rated as one of the largest IPOs in the global market in 2008 ( VISA, 2019).

Failures of the company

Majority of the company’s challenges stems from system failures given that it offers online global payments. In 2018, the company experienced downtime in their systems which impacted a significant number of its clients worldwide including individuals and businesses (The Guardian, 2018).


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