Data Analysis And Visualizing

Practical Assignment (200 Points)

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Read and perform the required exercises. This will help you complete the assignment.

This url list the popular data visualization tools separated into 2 categories: (1) Tools for developers requiring coding and (2) Tools for non-developers that do not require coding. Read and familiarize yourself with the different categories of tools.

This website provides a comprehensive guide to learn Data Visualization using R. Not only should you read the content, I encourage you to read to perform the exercise to familiarize yourself to the R tool. This will help with the Assignment.


1. Data Acquisition [10 points]

a. After completing the prerequisite identified above, select a data mining project. This could be a based on the dataset you identified before.

b. Identify the dataset and load and store to your computer.

c. Briefly describe the data acquisition process.

2. Collect Method [10 points]

a. Describe the data collect method.

3. Data Examination [10 points]

a. Examine the dataset and briefly explain your findings

4. Data Transformation [20 points]

a. Perform data transformation techniques such as data cleansing, conversion, creation, and consolidation on the dataset.

b. Record the transformation activities you performed on your dataset.

5. Data Exploration and Presentation [50 points]

a. Decide how you want to present the data. Use the Charts in chapter 6 to help.

b. Using R tool to create the chart of your choice.


Word file with following:

· Describing the data acquisition

· Collection method

· Data examination process

· Data transformation required

· Chart figure

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