Research Paper in MLA style

Ivana Bin

Professor Sylne

English 1101

October 30, 2019

Should Abortion Be Legal? Should Abortion Be Legal?. May 9, 2019.

This article talks about the Pros and Cons of abortion, it says that a woman’s right to abort, should not be limited by governmental or religious authority. Women that can’t abort legally, resort to unsafe and illegal abortions that can harm their health. The cons say that abortion is killing an innocent human being, and that it’s unfair to allow abortion when they are couples that can’t conceive.

Senior Politics Writer, Milligan, Susan. Is Abortion A Human Right?, Dec. 2, 2015.

Susan Milligan talks about the battle of abortion between choice and life. The article explains the sadness of seeing a women’s right being politicized. An abortion Act law was passed, making the procedure legal up to 28 weeks. It is only legal to save the lives of the pregnant women or girl, victims of rape or incest, and also women who are carrying fetuses with fatal abnormalities. In the case of a fatal abnormality, there is no life to protect, when the fetus leaves the womb it cannot survive independently.

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