Causal relationship between lung cancer and smoking

For each of the following scenarios identify the best study design to explore each health issue and explain
your reason for choosing this study design. Include an explanation of advantages and disadvantages of
using the selected study design and include any ethical considerations. Support your reasons with
justification and referenced examples of research studies.
1. Causal relationship between lung cancer and smoking (10 marks)
2. Association between depression and binge eating in a population of obese adolescents and adults (10
3. Long term effects of detention on the mental and physical health of asylum seekers (10 marks)
4. Relationship between folate supplementation during pregnancy and development of autism in offspring
(10 marks)
5. Testing of a drug for use in elderly people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease (10 marks)
Submission Instructions:
Access assignment link on Blackboard under Assessment 2 – Assignment via Assessment in main
navigation menu in Blackboard. The assignment questions are embedded in Blackboard and you can
submit your answers directly into Blackboard.

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