Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses Embedded Systems Applications.Below i

Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses Embedded Systems Applications.Below is the algorithm that was used to generate the test cases. The SAT solver was used to explore all the possible assignments and they are then converted to test cases. The methods that are in use are capable of generating a wide coverage for the requirements of any given specification. The filtering technique can be used to extract the most efficient test cases that satisfy the existing pre conditions and post conditions. From the design above of the embedded system, the following weaknesses can be identified: 1.There is an existing challenge in constructing a real time system that incorporates both real times in terms of both time and output. 2.The test generator may not have the capacity to deal with and handle the compositions of the subsystems. In order to make the system more efficient, a number of measures can be proposed to make improve the system. 1.Improve the methods of automatic test generator test sequences so that they are obtained automatically based on a testing goal. This can be achieved by use of TGSENS to improve the quality of the embedded system. 2.The use of scalable test generators can also improve the performance of the system. 3.The application of model checking techniques. From the discussions above, the design of an embedded system calls for a sequential creation of a model that creates a model using programming languages such as MC51 and then testing it before implementation. This has been achieved and from the results of the test case, the system can be improved in any way seen appropriate.

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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on International Business: The United Arab Emirates. It needs to be at least 1000 words.What is known as the United Arab Emirates is actually the united description for seven emirates. This unison was formed in late 1971. The constituents of this unison are Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain and Ras Al Khaimah. The United Arab Emirates is densely packed with people from all ethnicities and nationalities. Over seventy percent of the population comprises of a blend of Indians, Filipinos, Pakistanis, Afghans, Bangladeshis and Sri Lankans. People from developing countries often choose to come to the United Arab Emirates to explore their options and continue their pursuit for a better career. However, where people have chosen to move to the United Arab Emirates to develop their careers, a similar number has chosen to move their operations in the United Arab Emirates or open extensions of their businesses in the United Arab Emirates because of the tax exemption incentives that the government of the United Arab Emirates offers.

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Need an argumentative essay on ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.This may cause paralysis at the later stages of the disease. If a muscle is affected by death of its motor neurons, this means that it does not get nourishment. Therefore, the muscle wastes away (atrophy) leading to hardening of the muscle (sclerosis).The main characteristic of this disorder is the destruction and death of the motor neurons in the brain and spinal cord in which before their destruction they develop inclusions in their structures-the axon and cell bodies that are rich in protein. The proteins are believed to be as a result of a problem in the degeneration of protein and these inclusions have a substance called ubiquitin and this combines with one of the proteins associated with ALS for example TAR DNA binding protein. (Murray, 2006)As the motor neurons get destroyed in the lateral and anterior parts of the spinal cord, the neurons are replaced by astrocytes that cause sclerosis. The degeneration of the upper motor neurons that is located in the cortex of the brain results in paralysis, increased reflexes and stiffness of the affected muscles.The degeneration of the motor neurons that is located in the in stem and the horn-like part at the anterior of the spinal cord results in flaccid paralysis, weakness of muscles and atrophy of the muscles, decreased reflexes and decrease in the muscle tone.The initial symptoms of this disorder are generally, muscle weakness affecting mostly those of the arms and legs, cramping, difficulty in swallowing, problems in speech and breathing and stiffness of the muscle that has been affected. (Murray, 2006) When the clinical manifestation is first noticed in the arms and legs, it is referred to as limb-onset ALS whereas if the symptoms affect the speech first it is called bulbar-onset ALS.The bulbar symptoms include difficulty in speech, difficulty in swallowing, drooling, atrophy and fasciculation of the tongue. When the upper motor neurons are affected, the disorder is

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Compose a 500 words essay on Job Interview. Needs to be plagiarism free!The challenges that I usually face at job interviews are fear of under-performing, difficulty in articulation and a feeling of answering off-the-track. As a result, I cannot project my talent and skill to prospective employers the way I would like to. I constantly have this negative feel that I would make blunders in the interview and this fear puts me under stress which eventually hampers my performance. I have observed that my panic attack numbs my other faculties like speech and comprehension, thereby affecting my ability to communicate in a sound manner. I become tongue-tied and stiff in responding to the interviewer’s questions and often miss the point.According to job consultants and grooming experts, interview fright is caused due to many factors but the most common one is lack of preparation (Crosby, 2000). At this point, I would like to share my experience at a job interview. There were two rounds to the interview, an aptitude test in the first round and meeting in person in the second round. I qualified in the first round but I did miserably in the second. I could not provide prompt replies to basic questions like “Why have you chosen our organization over the others?” “Why do you think we should consider you, when there are more experienced professionals?” I was totally unprepared for these types of questions and had concentrated only on my field of expertise.I learned a valuable lesson that being good in your subject is not enough to make it big in the world. you need to make a strategy for achieving your goals. I fell on to reading a number of informative articles and write-ups on winning interview skills and confidence-building. My reading resources helped me formulate an action plan.Firstly, I would prepare an interview script that would include self-introduction, answers to possible

Write 12 page essay on the topic Wrongfully convicted.ies take place, law enforc

Write 12 page essay on the topic Wrongfully convicted.ies take place, law enforcement is in charge of the people it serves and should perform its obligation by promptly conducting an investigation of these crimes. If possible the investigation will encourage or induce the offender to attend to a court hearing in order to explain his/her actions (Simon, 2012). Finally and perhaps most essential, is that the offender’s detection, arrest, and investigation, successfully works to inhibit recidivism or reoffending thus decreasing total crime rate (Osterburg & Ward, 2013).Every investigation, irrespective of purpose, includes the job of collecting and analyzing information. The dynamics of investigation must be seen in terms of informational gathering, instead of trying to acquire evidence. However, this does not imply that investigators should disregard noticeable, evident objects of evidence or objects that can possibly become a strong piece of evidence (Osterburg & Ward, 2013). The investigation must be carried out with the mentality that evidence can be derived from information. The information collected passes through meticulous, careful inspection before it is presented in court through screening, analysis, and assessment (Orthmann & Hess, 2012).Most of the evidence collected by investigators is not admissible for demonstration in court because of the rules of evidence. Nevertheless, this does not prevent these bits of information from helping or guiding the investigator insomuch as pointing him/her toward admissible evidence. every piece of information holds a certain level of importance (Orthmann & Hess, 2012). Essentially, the criminal justice investigator considers and induces the human component—all of human behavior’s sociological, environmental, psychological, and emotional features. On the other hand, the value and level of information gained from physical objects inspected, largely relies on the capability of the investigator at a certain scene to identify possible pieces of evidence (Simon,

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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Elderly Veterans: Their Silencing, Their Care, and a Solution. It needs to be at least 1500 words.Unless there is anyone to speak for the elderly veterans, no one will come to their aid. That is why advocates like AARP must fight for Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security benefits of veterans to be rescued from being cut from the national budget. These people have served their country and they deserve to be taken care of well into and beyond middle age. In this paper, the following issues will be discussed: the place of elderly veterans with regard to how they have silenced as a group. the analysis of how elderly veterans can get advocates for themselves. and finally, an examination of how elderly veterans can offer much to society in terms of love and wisdom. It is with this examination we’ll find conclusions and solutions. How the elderly are taken care of can be quite unnerving, especially because of the lack of education about elderly veterans. Prothero insinuates the young are not being properly educated about the elderly, as it is difficult to find young people who are educated with a broad literacy.2 There are “huge disparities” of funding in the public schools. Scott McCloud demonstrates through comics how he believes in social justice, raising the issue of white supremacy and racism of all kinds being the catalyst for the oppression of people—and how this can “filter down.”4 This is certainly true of elderly veterans as well, that they can be discriminated against as well. These are just some of the kinds of stereotypes that the elderly—especially elderly veterans—face. As for men, they are commonly less subject to being stereotyped but evidence of it might be found all over. Many elderly veterans are ignored, and they are treated without respect and dignity, the respect and dignity that they deserve to receive at the end of their lives.&nbsp.

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Hi, I need help with essay on 120 Introduction to Political Science. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!For instance, in some countries the voting process is flared due to political interference with the body in charge of the elections. The current political leaders in such countries might not be willing to relinquish power even after being defeated hence rigging their opponents out. Therefore, the results of the voting process might not reflect the true value of the voting process hence an individual’s vote might not count nor add to the change process.In contrast, participation in a group gives that sense of satisfaction and the motivation to push on even if you fail. As much as it is a risky and demanding process-especially in a heated political society-There are several groups that have succeeded in bringing changes in their communities. For instance, Martin Luther King was active in fighting against racial discrimination in the US and he died for what he believed in. It is worth noting that some countries with stable election structures experience the true value of the voting process.Corporatism is the socio-political organization of a society by major interest groups or corporate groups such as agricultural, business, ethnic, labor, scientific affiliation or military on the basis of common interests. It is theoretically based upon the interpretation of a community as an organic body. Corporatism is an economic ideology developed mostly in Europe where the influence of the Catholic Church and of the authoritarian conservative state was strongest.However, this political and economic ideology has experienced decline in many European countries and as a result, capitalism and communism has taken center stage. This is because, corporatism maintains and reinforces social cleavages in addition to the fact that it is very sensitive to employment conditions and demographics. Most economies that have adapted corporatism are characterized by high labor

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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Topic Selection and Rationale (Attempt 1 ). It needs to be at least 500 words.The ability to properly define and/or guarantee protections for unique works or concepts could easily lead to stalemate if the intellectual property is governed domestically yet regulated abroad when doing business in foreign nations.In microeconomics, comparative advantage could explain a potential stalemate when it comes to intellectual property protection. This is when a firm has the ability to produce a work or product at a lower opportunity cost than competition. An opportunity cost is when the highest valued alternative must be sacrificed to select another strategy. If one business operates in a market where there are many competitors, and are able to experience lower cost in the action, competition may be more adamant about protecting their intellectual property as a competitive tool. Because the WTO acts as an agency and forum for these discussions, it is likely that the WTO will become engaged in trying to settle the dispute. A competing company might have very high cost objectives, however they cannot lower their opportunity costs to seek a special project or product innovation. Animosities between the rival companies could cause conflict with the membership of the WTO, based on the high cost of doing business against a competing product able to avoid high opportunity costs.In macroeconomics, inflation could also lead to problems with intellectual property rights disagreements that will ultimately involve the WTO. This is when the price of goods and services rises due to supply, finance, or money supply. Companies that are unable to compete effectively against another company that enjoys comparative advantage may also have inflationary issues arising from the cost of doing business which, in turn, affects overhead costs and production costs. The company could, at the same time, be impacted by inflation associated with international distribution.